Why work with me?

  • I love what I do!  I’ve been working as a therapist for over a decade and continuously strive to be a lifelong learner.  Being authentic in the presence of another is key to building a collaborative, empathic working therapeutic relationship.
  • I take my role as a therapist seriously and strive to help you discover parts of yourself and your functioning that may be outside of your awareness.  I expect that you also come ready to work to uncover what underlies the pain points in your life.
  • I approach individuals with compassion, empathy and a desire to understand your struggles.  I also am mindful of when to push individuals to challenge themselves and uncover an understanding of how and why they function as they do.

What are your office hours and location?

Mondays 8am-7pm
Tuesdays 8:30am-7pm
Fridays 8am-7pm

Sessions are by appointment only

Practice Hours:

Wednesdays 12:30pm-5:30pm
Thursdays 11am-5pm


1350 Connecticut Avenue NW
Suite 801
Washington, DC 20036
(Click for Google Map)

Second Office Location:

218 N. Lee St.
Suite 303
Third Floor
Alexandria, VA 22314

Contact Info:

Office Phone: 202-909-3660

Email: dr.desiree.pearson@protonmail.com

*I will personally return your phone call or email usually within 24 hours.

What are your Fees?

Our initial session will be spent focusing on getting to know you and your needs and determining next steps for the best course of treatment.

  • Initial Diagnostic Interview (45 minutes)-$250
  • Individual Psychotherapy (45 minutes)-$250
  • Couples Psychotherapy (50 minutes)-$250
  • Payment:

Payment is due in full at the time of service.  Payments may be made with exact-amount cash, check, credit/debit card, HSA debit card.  Credit cards accepted are Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Do you accept Insurance?

Desiree Pearson, Ph.D. does not accept insurance, including Medicare.  Documentation will be provided with a receipt of services if you would like to use your out of network insurance benefits.  You may submit this documentation to your insurance company for partial reimbursement.  It is highly recommended that you call your insurance company to verify out of network coverage for outpatient mental health services.

Questions to ask your insurance company to verify out of network coverage:

-Do I have out of network benefits?

-If I have have out of network benefits, what is my out of network deductible?

-Once my out of network deductible is reached, how does reimbursement work and what percentage of reimbursement will I receive?

To receive more specific information regarding out of network reimbursement, it is often helpful to provide the following information to your insurance:

-You will be submitting claims for “Individual Psychotherapy, Outpatient, 50 minutes”=CPT code 90834 or “Marriage/Couples Psychotherapy, 50 minutes”=CPT code 90847.

-The current fee is $250 for CPT code 90834 or 90847

-Zip code is 20005 (reimbursement varies based on location)

-You are working with a licensed clinical psychologist who is an out of network provider (does not have a contract with any insurance panels).

*If further questions remain, Dr. Pearson will gladly provide guidance to you in seeking answers from your insurance company.

Reasons I do not accept insurance:

-You are in control of your care including choosing your therapist, length of treatment, location.  No pre-authorization is required from insurance companies and there are no limits on the number of sessions permitted.  Your insurance company determines if treatment will or will not be covered.

-Increased privacy and confidentiality (except for limits of confidentiality).  Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed when an insurance company requires information to approve or justify continued therapy services.