Anxiety is often described as bothersome and nagging.  Anxiety can work to hold you back from engaging more in experiences or with others. Anxiety is nature’s alarm system.  In a paradoxical way, when anxiety is high and overwhelming this alarm system is working too well. The mind is working in overdrive to give the body anxiety symptoms (butterflies in the stomach, shakiness, muscle aches, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, etc.) to get you to pay attention to what might be underlying this anxiety.  

What causes anxiety?  Many theories exist as to what causes anxiety.  Although genetics and biochemistry likely play a role, these components alone do not comprehensively explain how anxiety develops.  Anxiety can manifest as chronic worry and/or fears of something bad happening in the future. Psychodynamic theory poses that anxiety acts in part as a means of protection in the mind to guard against uncomfortable feelings of fear, danger, anger, shame and general discomfort.  Anxiety is useful as a means of alerting one to danger, yet is cause for concern when an individual’s functioning is impacted. 

Psychotherapy can help in creating a safe space to explore, uncover and be curious about how past experiences of emotional suffering and/or trauma are likely impacting the ability to feel safe within yourself to help you lead a more fulfilling and engaged life.  I welcome your call or email to begin this journey of discovery.