Depression can manifest in different ways in individuals.  Some people have more typical depression symptoms such as chronic sad mood, crying spells, lack of energy and motivation, increased anxiety and difficulty with self-regulating behaviors such as eating or sleeping.  Surprisingly, depression can manifest for some as increased anger, irritability, reckless behaviors, anxiety and impulsivity. These latter behaviors are more often seen in men, however, this is not always the case.

What causes depression?  Many theories exist as to what causes depression.  Although genetics and biochemistry likely play a role, these components alone do not comprehensively explain how depression develops. Psychodynamic theory poses that mood disorders (such as depression) develop as a means of creating protection (defenses) and disconnection from parts of the mind that may have experienced emotional pain, hurt, anger, and trauma from past experiences with others.  

Psychotherapy can help in creating a safe space to explore, uncover and be curious about how past experiences of emotional suffering and/or trauma are likely impacting the ability to fully connect with parts of yourself to help you lead a more fulfilling and engaged life.  I welcome your call or email to begin this journey of discovery.