Work/Life Balance

“Work and Play”  Referred to by Freud as key essentials to creating fulfillment for anyone in life.  Does it really exists? If it does, why can it seem so elusive and difficult to create and achieve?  Work in any form (career, caring for children, being a financial provider) can create demands, stressors, the need for structure and expenditure of energy in ways that can feel draining and overwhelming.  What can help counterbalance this? Is there joy in your life not dependent on others (kids, spouses, partners, family)? Is there a sense that it is ok to take time to recharge and create pleasure by reconnecting to parts of yourself that may be neglected?  

Do you find yourself feeling disconnected or checking out (checking social media often, taking more breaks than needed, taking long lunch breaks) during the work day?  Are you curious about what is underlying this need to check out? Curiosity is key to gaining awareness to what uncomfortable feelings you may be working hard to move away from hence creating a feeling of “being stuck” and not moving forward in your life. Uncomfortable feelings often spark fear, anxiety and a sense of hopelessness and makes the need to avoid them all the more important and functional.  The downside to this is that the avoidance only provides temporary relief and increased anxiety often results and can become chronic.

Psychotherapy can help in creating a safe space to explore, uncover and be curious about what keeps you more connected to feelings and past experiences that work against you moving forward and having more freedom and pleasure in your work and life.  I welcome your call or email to begin this journey of discovery.